Here you can buy or sell various cryptocurrencies for any currency via different payment method.
How it works?
You will deal with real people. This makes the process reliable and fast, as there is no corporate overhead.

Bot can support every payment method which maintains user's community. For each transaction, we offer escrow to protect the buyer of coins.
Where it works?
This service works on Telegram platform that allows you to trade on any device. Bot will work fast even with a slow and unstable Internet connection.

Telegram uses encryption and 2FA authentication ensuring the security of your personal data and funds.
Choose a bot to exchange crypto-currency:
Attention: Official bots of the ChangeBot service are listed here.
Using other services does not guarantee the safety of your funds!
How to install?
Just add Bot's login to your Telegram contacts and press big "START" button.
Have questions?
The official ChangeBot forum
Knowledge base and answers to basic questions
Technical support in telegram bot